Here’s a few key areas we excel in at

In no particular order…

Video Games
Don’t think video games matter? Then you’ve come to the wrong place.
Gaming teaches important primary skills such as decision-making, critical thinking, and organization.

Driving Cars (too fast)
Our family has over 50 years in the automotive sector, and those business lessons give the experience and confidence to lead businesses to their goals.

Collecting and Analyzing Data
Data is the driving force behind crucial business decisions. But misrepresenting or misinterpreting data does not provide information to make sound decisions with.

Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact
Remember when we were told that calculators will not always be in our pockets? SirHigs remembers…
What other innovations are out there waiting to be realized?

Our Team

Get to know the key players here at

Josh H


Coming off a stupendous experience at Georgia Tech, Josh H decided it was high-time someone made tech for everybody.
Using his Industrial Organizational Psychology background, his focus is making I.T. work “for the rest of us.” 

Josh H

Vice President

Bringing his experience of systems automation and computer networking, Josh strives to bring the O.S.A. mentality to your company.


Josh H

Project Manager

Leaning on the mantra of our VP, Josh looks at and manages all of the projects here at

Josh H

Account Manager

Rule #1 in business? 
Don’t irritate the customer!

Josh uses his sales experience and vast knowledge of to illustrate why is successful: because we care!

Here’s a few of our accomplishments

The feathers in our hat.

Cloud ERP Integration

Successfully changed over a customer from an on-prem ERP experience to a cloud ERP experience.
No down time.
Little training needed for the new system since SirHigs created custom employee training while implmenting.

Shipping Automation

Eliminated multiple pain points of processing shipments by seamlessly combining a shipping program into the ERP program. Shipments now update orders and invoices with real-time data such as tracking and costs.

Warehouse Automation

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Taking approximately 1 year from inception, Josh successfully installed and trained on warehouse scanning software and automation points. 
This decreased onboarding training time for new hires by over 70%.

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